AJ & McCall 12/06/17

It’s Wednesday, we all want to have a laugh as we trudge through the morning so tell us why you’re awake in GIF form. The GIF game has never disappointed AJ & McCall. Buzzfeed put together of fringe ‘Christmas movies’ and AJ & McCall go through and decide which ones they think are; Die Hard, Home Alone, Frozen? Which movies make your Christmas movie cut? An angry letter to Santa went viral and the VFX staff discussed their own experiences writing to the big man in red. AJ has never written a letter to Santa. For the #DebateAt8, what’s the etiquette for doing so? What’s the address, how do you format it, is it too late in the year to send it? And speaking of the holidays, there’s just a haze as well try to make it from Thanksgiving to the New Year. What are you putting off until after the holidays?