AJ & McCall 12/07/17

AJ & McCall have been all in on Christmas all week and what a shocker, McCall has a question about pets. What’s your gift giving policy when it comes to pets? Do they get a Christmas present? After deciding yesterday that AJ was going to write his first letter to Santa McCall upped the ante and today wants to call Santa. What questions should they ask? McCall has a friend who’s in a new relationship and her boyfriend is bring a tree he bought with his ex. For the #DebateAt8, new relationship new tree? And finally, the call to Santa happens. Thanks to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk and he also left his voicemail so you can let him know what you’d like for Christmas and tell him thank you. Today’s #vfxFacebookRoulette is a special one as AJ & McCall want to make sure to remember Pearl Harbor.