AJ & McCall 12/08/17

AJ & McCall had nightmares last night after seeing some terrifying decorations. In fairness to them, most of the list put together seem to be pretty old and have warped. Nonetheless they are terrifying decorations. Do you or your family have any scary Christmas decorations. Yesterday we discovered it wasn’t the tree that most people would get upset about, but the decorations from a past relationship. So speaking of decorations, how do you acquire them? Do you have a tradition for buying them? Get one from each place you visit? Do you have a different set every year? For the #DebateAt8, AJ has a dilemma. His family does wish lists to give some guidelines for shopping so there is still some mystery, but this year a family member is still demanding one particular item. How does gift picking work for you? Do you exchange lists? What would you do if a family member was constantly demanding one gift? And Friday means #iPodIdol. This week’s song is Charlie Puth’s ‘How Long’ and the style is as a dramatic reading. Who wins? Watch the video and vote on the website!