AJ & McCall 12/13/18

Our phones make everything so easy nowadays but can we really quit them? There’s a contest that if you do you’ll win $100,000 but who could do it? Competition is a central part of AJ & McCall and AJ always claims to be a Price is Right expert. Well today is his chance because has ‘Bad Christmas Present Price is Right!’ Can we guess the actual retail price? What is a Christmas movie? A dumb internet comment that said Home Alone isn’t got AJ & McCall all worked up, but what actually are Christmas movies? For the Debate At 8 AJ is defending to the grave that Die Hard AND Nightmare Before Christmas are but McCall says no. What’s your top 5 Christmas movies and who’s right? Speaking of movies, that pesky Grinch is up to no good. Start with ‘The Grinch stole my ______!’ What did he steal?