AJ & McCall 12/29/17

Have you seen the new viral meme ‘Start Your New Year Off Right!’? AJ & McCall are gonna help you find the right song, movie, show, whatever so you can hear the right thing at midnight exactly! New Year’s Day AJ & McCall will count down VFX top 100 songs! What do you think the top 5 is? Guess and if you get it right you could win a small prize package of free food. AJ & McCall give you their guesses for what they think the top 5 is. Hard to believe but we’re heading towards the last weekend of the year. What will happen to AJ & McCall in 2018? #DebateAt8 Friday is #iPodIdol day! This week’s song is Thunder from Imagine Dragons and the loser will have to stand, in a costume, on a street with a sign next week. What’s the stylistic choice though?