AJ & McCall Drop the Mic: Survival

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on survival! Fresh off his first camping trip AJ has a fun scenario game for McCall, Producer Butterz, Mitch and himself to play. And who doesn’t want to answer the question who would be the most likely to survive in a crazy scenario. You can play along too! You’re in a plane crash that happens in Northern Canada in January. You have 12 items (ball of steel wool, small axe, loaded pistol, can of vegetable oil, newspaper, empty cigarette lighter, extra shirt and pants, 20×20 foot canvas, air map, whiskey, compass and a chocolate bar), what is the order of these that is most important to you? Heads up, the answers are at the end. Needless to say the group’s answers vary and they also come up with some ridiculous reasons for their rankings.