AJ & McCall Show 03/31/20

(Quarantine Upload) As AJ & McCall work from home for the first day. Who doesn’t have an embarrassing story, but can you match you and your sister getting sick from kissing the same guy on the same night? Florida Or Not is now AJ versus McCall but audience can still weigh in. McCall is living her dream now working from a blanket fort. A listener has a dilemma being sick but having to take care of her dog. Would you help a neighbor in this situation? Will AJ make it through quarantine without burning down the house? What about hair issues for the Debate At 8? An elementary kid is doing good things to help with COVID-19 and deserves a shout out for Feel Good Tuesday. Being a delivery driver may be the side hustle to get with the new tip. Who will be the most annoying parker in this week’s Park Narcs?