AJ & McCall Show 10/07/20

Wouldn’t everyone want a place to maybe hideaway at work some times? Some employees went hard on the right idea, but did it the wrong way. McCall’s friend seems to have experienced the ultimate bad omen at their wedding, but is there such a thing as a cursed wedding song? McCall will go through a bunch of songs and decide if they’re good or bad for your future. Would you rather be the richest person in town OR live a fascinating life? Can you make do with boring money. 2020 has been a crap year so listener Kayla and her roommate planned to move across the country and start fresh, but now there’s a third wheel throwing a wrench in it for the Debate At 8. AJ has been saying his friend is cheap but he left out how petty he may be being. One of AJ’s favorite shows has inspired him to pick up an old hobby, but should he?