During a recent appearance on Times Radio, Sarah Snook revealed that her Succession costar, Brian Cox, went into “diabetic rages” behind the scenes that were sometimes “terrifying.”

“He has a habit of sometimes going into a false — or could it be real, who knows? — diabetic rage, where he’ll go growl all of a sudden,” the Beanie Bubble actor said. “I think part of it’s a little of trying to just jolt the energy of the set and rustle a few feathers, get it going and moving faster. The quality of his voice can be very terrifying sometimes, for sure. Thunderous.”

Cox suffers from type 2 diabetes. Another one of his costars on the show, Kieran Culkin, previously said he would “scream” if he was hungry while on set. “Well, yeah I do get hangry because I’m diabetic,” the Troy actor said on ITV’s This Morning, in response to Culkin’s comments.

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