Scarlett Johansson is set to star in a huge, exciting Marvel project. But that’s all we know. When she snagged the American Cinematheque Award, which is “presented annually to an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture,” the news got buried by Marvel prez Kevin Feige.

He said: “We are already working on another non-Black Widow-related, top-secret Marvel Studios project with her as a producer.”

This comes at an interesting time. Earlier this year, Johansson filed suit against Disney, alleging breach of contract by releasing Black Widow in theaters and on Disney+ at the same time.

Clearly, the parties have moved forward down a more positive path. Johansson said: “It was a very surreal time because, of course, the film had come out and was hugely successful and that was a big celebration. I had a baby and that was obviously a life-changing, amazing, celebratory thing. In a way, that sort of buoyed me through the very uncertain, stressful time. I feel mostly very fortunate that nobody will have to go through what I went through and that it’s made, I think, a positive impact in the industry and hopefully for artists and creatives’ lives and livelihood.”

The parties settled on September 30th, though terms were not disclosed. Johansson has been performing in Marvel films for more than a decade, but apparently this time, she’ll be producing and not starring.

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