Documents revealing the plan for handling mourning and public information following Queen Elizabeth II‘s death have been leaked.

The plan, dubbed “Operation LONDON BRIDGE,” lays out in great detail what will happen in the 10 days after the death of the 95-year-old Queen, according to reports. There are several plans, including a memorial service with the Prime Minister that should look “spontaneous,” a crisis plan if London becomes packed with mourners and create mayhem, a social media takeover of the royal handle that will be introduced by a black holding page with a short message confirming her death, black banners across all government pages and all non-urgent content banned.

Her coffin will be taken from Buckingham Palace to the Palace of Westminster, where it will be placed on a raised box and be open to the public for three days. A state funeral will be held 10 days after her death, and declared a national day of mourning.

The Prime Minister will receive the news as follows: a civil servant will inform them that “London Bridge is down”. Internally among the government, the day will be referred to as “D-Day.”

Her son and heir, Prince Charles, will embark on a tour of the country during the 10-day period ahead of her funeral.

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