Will live TV ever return after COVID? It seems it will, but it will be very different. The 46th season of Saturday Night Live is set to bow this week, with Chris Rock hosting the premiere, and musical guest Megan Thee Stallion. Jim Carrey has been recruited to play democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, tickets to the show’s dress rehearsal and live show come with a long list of health rules. The biggest caveat: all ticketed guests will take a mandatory COVID test upon arrival. “This is a self-administered lower nasal antigen test with results yielded before the show,” the instruction reads.

There will also be temperature checks and masks were required. Audience members will be asked several questions, including “Are you exhibiting any symptoms related to COVID-19?” “Have you exhibited any symptoms to COVID-19 in the last 14 days?” and “Have you been in close contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, or anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, within the past 14 days?”

The only tickets still left available are set aside for healthcare workers.

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