The last memory Boilermaker fans have of their football team on the field was a drubbing against Auburn 63-14 in the Music City Bowl. It was a very big reminder of how far Purdue still had to go even with the huge recruiting get of Rondale Moore who surpassed the hype. There were even some internet trolls saying Brohm didn’t deserve his raise despite the 3-0 record against ranked opponents and the turnaround from the dumpster fire that used to exist in West Lafayette.

While the last game left a sour taste for the 2018 season it still ended on a high note. Brohm brought in a top 25 recruiting class with 4* WR David Bell and Milton Wright, 4* DT Steven Faucheux, 4* DB Marvin Grant, 4* ATH Mershawn Rice and of course 4* DE, and West Lafayette native, George Karlaftis. Any thoughts that Rondale Moore might have been a lucky recruit quickly vanished and the coach showed he’s a for real recruiter.

The recruiting momentum didn’t stop with a huge get in 4* RB Tirek Murphy, the top prospect from the state of New York. Murphy will come in to a wide open RB depth chart that’ll have tons of talent on the outside with all the WR talent that should be established when Murphy is ready to take snaps.

Getting Murphy was a big win for several reasons, besides the obvious of getting a top RB to come to West Lafayette, because murmurs were the black and gold were off to a slow recruiting cycle that had some murmurs of maybe a slow down after signing a top 25 freshman class for this year. Murphy joined OL Josh Kaltenberger who gave his verbal the the day before and is already the third OL in the 2020 class.

That was enough to bring a sigh of relief over the fandom but Murphy was just the start. Less than a week later 3* DB Antonio Stevens joined the 2020 class and then Brohm finally got a high ranked QB that seemed like a foregone conclusion with the offense Brohm puts together. 4* New Jersey QB Michael Alaimo is the highest quaterback recruit since Kyle Orton. Next season there will be 4* recruits at QB, RB and WR for the offensive genius that is Jeff Brohm. 3* WR Collin Sullivan committed today and that’s five players in a week that has moved the needle and moved the class to 42nd in the nation.

Summer is Jeff Brohm’s season. For the 2018 season Brohm had 12 commits in June and another four in July. Last year Purdue had 12 more verbals in June and two more in July. That’s more than half of the class each season. For the 2018 class Brohm got commitments from two 4* players to go with two already locked up. June isn’t over and there’s two more 4* saying they’re coming to West Lafayette.

In just a little more than two recruiting cycles Brohm already has nine 4* prospects coming to West Lafayette with plenty of room to do more damage for 2020, and let’s not forget Brohm has had a big recruiting win at the end of both cycles (Moore and Bell). More importantly, after Moore’s season he has shown those top players can also produce at Purdue unlike some of the one off higher end prospects that wore the Purdue P in the past. With Murphy in the fold you can expect him to start recruiting for Brohm just like several of the top prospects did for the 2019 class.

Falls are a whole lot more exciting at Ross Ade Field, but summer is Brohm season. After getting Rondale Moore at the end of his first actual recruiting class top players are starting to commit earlier and that gives the coach more ammo to pair more and more higher end recruits together. The Boilermakers aren’t at Auburn’s level, yet, but the change has come and it’s not going to stop.