“Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless…” is a twenty one pilots lyric that has always been a favorite of mine and stood out as, joke intended, the perfect way to describe their concert. So often things seem so scripted, just starting with the “This place is always the craziest!” and dance moves, movements, from top to bottom it is all planned but not this concert. Tyler never said we always love coming to Salt Lake City or how they missed it, he just put on one heck of a concert. (Josh did have SLC drawn on his abs but they didn’t say it at least)

The Bandito tour, despite being in a basketball arena, felt like a bunch of die hard twenty one pilots fans got together to jam. Tyler treated it that way moving through the crowd, talking about the songs and even just taking time to notice a balloon in the crowd that he popped and then later apologized for. It wasn’t a flawless choreographed event where it had to flow to keep going perfectly. They have a break in the show where Josh just walks from stage A to B and Tyler cracks jokes about it.

With concerts there’s a clear division between the people in the seats, the pit and the performers. You’re there to see them and I’m sure most are appreciative but you don’t feel with them. That is never the case with twenty one pilots and that’s the case with their music. It resonates with so many people and that’s why young, old, guy, girl, kids, parents were all there screaming the lyrics the entire time. Even as a sports fan it is the most devoted crowd I’ve ever been a part of.

There’s always that concern of the turning point with underground alternative artists that the art, message and love all goes away once they’re mainstream (just ask any fan about Heathens) but Tyler and Josh aren’t there. When Tyler thanked fans for enjoying their new album you could hear the sincerity in his voice and even got to witness it. Near the end of the concert during Car Radio they extended it out and everyone in the arena kept singing and Tyler just stopped and collected himself from what looked like close to crying. It was one of the most genuine things I’ve ever seen and made me even more a fan.

twenty one pilots are geniuses. Even before the album came out we all knew this. All the media releases with the hidden messages, all the details in the music and videos, it all challenges you to think but in the end it comes back to one simple thing…the music. It isn’t just Tyler and Josh’s, it’s the people’s. It’s a voice for those that need help and can’t express it themselves. They truly unite so many people and are just like the people there to see them and that’s why they put on by far the best concert (actually it was just a scheduled jam session) I’ve ever seen.