It was a cool summer day away from the world. No signal, no technology it was about resetting mentally. We went back in time, wandering through wilderness around the lake to get away from everything, leave 2020 and life behind. The water was calm, the breeze was nice and it was the picturesque day you hope to find.

The hike was simple as we followed the trail around the lake, enjoying the fresh air. Each breath felt like it was freeing and much needed. Every inhale filling the lungs felt like it replaced the stress, exhale all the anxiety and everything back home.

Much like the rest of the year it was the calm before the storm. The wind picked up as the waves got choppy and 2020 struck again. It was gray everywhere, the sky, the water and rain started to drop. Much like life you have to see the positives and a little drizzle is refreshing but that’s not how this year works. When it rains it pours.

What had started as a nice summer day quickly turned in to a cold fall one. The wind howled angry against the trees as they shook, lucky to be anchored in the ground. It started as a nice walk in the beautiful scenery but quickly became a hurried rush to get out of the weather.

Trees cracked and rustled as if howling out in pain and it suddenly felt less like being among the wilderness and now you were surrounded by the anger mother nature could conjure up. Our walk became more primal as you were on high alert for what could happen next. Whistling wind, creaking tress, cracking waves, the boom of nature’s symphony was warming up.

The change of the weather was just the cause for the problem we’d face. A fresh tree finally succumb to the power of the wind and fell down right in our path. It was 2020 in physical form, no avoiding what we had to deal with. The set, defined path we started our journey on faced a road block. What do we do? Do you give in and fold up in the face of a problem? No, you persevere on.

It wasn’t easy, climbing over the trunk with uneasy footing. You had to reach out for whatever you could grab on to or else fall in to the immense shrubbery and drown in the darkness, maybe never finding light. Each push forward came with a stumble, a scratch but you can’t stand still or give up. Faced with a road block, we climbed over it.

This tree, and path, was 2020 personified. What started as a refreshing journey quickly started to change for the worse and didn’t stop, but you still push on. There was a road block in the way but still you push on. And even though you were unsure and got a few cuts and scrapes along the way, you can make it through the cold and get to the warmth. It’s just one more thing you have to overcome and get stronger from.