In a preview clip of her interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, set to be released on Friday (July 14th), Tiffany Chen disclosed that she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy after giving birth to her daughter, Gia Virginia, with Robert De Niro in April.

“When I went home, I started to feel like … my tongue felt strange,” Chen recalled. “It felt a little tingly, just starting to get a little bit numb. And then I realized my face just felt weird.”

Continuing to describe the terrifying postpartum complication, Chen said, “When I got home, it was like everything was starting to just fall down on itself. Like, my face was melting on itself. And then a week after giving birth, that was when it all hit.”

“I went to put a fork of food in my mouth and everything came out. I couldn't eat. And then I was starting to slur. So I said, 'There's something really going on here,' ” she added. “I lost all facial function the minute I got into the hospital.”

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