Tiffany Haddish has revealed that she turned down a role in Chris Rock's Top 5 a few years back. She told the Hollywood Reporter, “You know, when I first hit the scene, I was offered a lot of roles where they want you to expose your breasts. I remember that movie that Chris Rock did Top Five and it’s like he meets two girls and they have a threesome and then Cedric the Entertainer gets in there and he’s supposed to go ‘blah’ all over their faces–just let that baby batter go all up in their face.”

She continued, “And it was like, ‘Tiffany, they’re offering you the role.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t want that role. I’m a stand-up comedian and I don’t let people do that in my face in real life, so why would I do it in a movie?' Like, you ought to have a little bit of respect for me, period. God made this face for a reason and you’re not going to disrespect it.”

She added, “I feel like sometimes my representation tried to get me to go outside my lane, and if it is against my morals—and I do have some. I know I’m a little wild but I do have standards—then somebody might get fired.”

Tiffany went on, “It’s like, I’m a company, I’m a brand, and if you try to go against the policy of the company, you might not need to be working here anymore. So my people, we have weekly conversations about where I’m at mentally, what I want to do. And right now, almost everything I’m doing, I’m producing…My lane is big. I got a five-lane highway, and I have standards and I’ll be damned if anybody makes me sway.”

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