My reputation at work is that of a world traveler. Every time there’s a holiday I’m always looking to road trip or fly somewhere for vacation. This attitude was put in place by two major things; living at home for most of life still and working at my last job and getting to do nothing. I lived in New Mexico for a year and saw pretty much nothing and traveled almost no where. Never again was that going to be the case.

When I got to Utah and, started doing well financially, I decided I was going to see the world. I’ve always said life is about collecting experiences and that’s what traveling is about for me. I want to see all the things and experience all I can. I often criticize the people in my life that say ‘I know what I like.’ because there are probably things out there you also would like if you try them.

Since I moved to Utah I’ve been to Vegas multiple times, Phoenix, Denver, Yellowstone, Glacier, San Francisco, Chicago, Spain, Italy and they’ve all been great experiences. Would I have done all those trips by myself? Probably, but they mean way more when you have someone to share them with. Those memories stand out more, are more special when there’s someone there to share them with.

Not everyone is comfortable leaving their comfort zone and doing new things like that, but when you find someone who matches up with you it truly is something great. I’m lucky enough to have that someone special and that makes those trips all the better. It’s someone else to split costs with, share the memories, to keep me calm if things get a little stressful, to love every second with and to plan more great adventures.

It’s a wonderful feeling to sit and plan the year out, to come up with ideas for where to travel to next and to play the activities. Admittedly, it’s also cool to have the stories and to have people asking where we went to this time. While it also comes with the never ending question ‘When are you going to propose?’ it definitely guarantees I’ll have a bevy of great places to choose from.

One of the things I consider the greatest factors in to shaping me as I am is moving to a completely different area and having to figure things out on my own. I often say it but the two stats; ‘the average person only visits six states’ and ‘the average person often settles down within 60 miles of their home town’ are great inspirations to me. Not to say that all home towns are bad, but maybe there’s something out there that’s better? Maybe there’s something out there you’ll like more?

Traveling gives me the chance to try new things, see new places, experience new cultures and meet new people. It’s even better having someone to share that with and know we’re exploring new areas, going on adventures to find what we like best. It’s building a new life, starting with new experiences and adventures.

I’m lucky enough to have someone to travel with and well ahead of the rest of my life to share with and gather more great memories with. I have my one and now we get to see the whole world together.