The Big Ten
aligned its course with most of college football and made the
announcement there would be fall football, to the enjoyment of fans
everywhere. As a Purdue football fan it was definitely some good news
in this abysmal apocalypse of a year because the football program
isn’t a source of dread as it has been in years passed. Maybe that’s
one of the more topsy-turvy things of 2020.

The good news
didn’t stop their for Boilermaker fans because the amended eight game
schedule turned in to a huge break for the black and gold also. No
Ohio State? No Michigan? No Penn State? No Michigan State? (Let’s
give them some benefit of the doubt that they’re still solid.) Does
AD Mike Bobinski have pictures of someone? Did money change hands?
That’s a very manageable schedule for coach Jeff Brohm’s squad.

Now being a
Purdue Boilermaker fan means you carry more than your fair share of
cynicism. Perhaps it’s the very manageable schedule that will get our
hopes up and break our hearts this season, or it would have been if
it wasn’t for today’s news.

Under the last
two coaches there was very little Hope…well there was almost four
seasons of that. Purdue football under Danny Hope and Darrell Hazell
didn’t have much belief and definitely very little magic. I mean Hope
would have one game that got your hopes up just to break your heart
the next chance he could. However, under Brohm there is more buzz and
magic, you believe things could happen.

No poll was
needed among Purdue fans, even after the Big Ten announced fall
football. Most believed Rondale Moore was on his way to the NFL. Then
it started circulating on Twitter Moore hadn’t signed with an agent
and was eligible to return, but still there’s no way it happens. Most
mocks already have him as a day two pick at worst, plenty have him as
a first rounder, so why would he come back?

I thought
number four was long gone but speed kills and in the blink of an eye
the buzz is back for Purdue. With eight games on slate the top WR in
the Big Ten, and one of the best in the country, will be suiting up
for the Boilers and that’s the type of magic Brohm has brought to
this program. Something special can, and has, happened. We’ve seen

It has been a
weird year for sports so of course my fandom is at all time high, but
let’s not start declaring Purdue a playoff team. Even with Moore back
I don’t think Brohm gets by Wisconsin, and even though I think the
rest of the seven are winnable, consistency hasn’t come to Purdue
quite yet. That’s why this season is so important because the tipping
point feels like it’s coming for Purdue.

immediately revitalized the Purdue dumpster fire his first season in
West Lafayette. Then Rondale Moore was the sign that things had
really changed when he put on the P hat. The recruiting has been
something we haven’t seen in Purdue and we’ve been teased, like the
3-0 against ranked teams two seasons ago, but it needs to be more.
The talent has to lead to more W’s.

Getting a 2020
season is big to continue to recruit the way Purdue has and work on
building that consistency to take another step forward in the Big
Ten. It’s more reps for that young team, it’s a season with the first
year Boiler DC, and now it’s another chance to see Rondale Moore
highlights at Purdue. We want some Moore!