Now that Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya have broken up, what will the Bachelor Nation couple do with the $200,000 check they received for a down payment on a house?

Young said on an episode of The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast, “That was money that was gifted to both of us and I think that’s something that is going to be decided how that’s going to be utilized going forward.”

She suggested that she’d like it to be used for a good cause.

The Bachelorette added, ” “I've been crying on the phone with one of the producers and like, 'Can I give this money? Like, can I create this to give the money to somebody else?' It's something that I feel good about. I know that's been the million-dollar question—no pun intended. But, yeah, it's been a lot.”

The couple met and got engaged during Season 18 of The Bachelorette but split six months later.

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