There are always going to be challenges in life but those are not what’s going to stop you. The thing that’s always going to get in to your way is, you. It’s not even a case of self-sabotage but even just a negative attitude can make the challenges seem even more daunting.

In the After Show podcast we discussed people in our lives that are unhappy with their situations but just went about it complaining. Not only does it not do anything, but it just starts to annoy everyone around you. It’s not that I don’t want to help but it’s so hard to sit by and listen as people struggle and refuse to do anything about it.

The saying is “God helps those that help themselves.” Life is what you make of it and you have to go for it. The two big stats that have always motivated me are ‘the average person lives within in 60 miles of their hometown’ and ‘the average person visits only six states in their life.’ Now to each their own, but to me life is about collecting experiences. How do you know what you like if you don’t go out and see what everything is about?

I have been fired before and found myself out of radio for seven months. I was down about it but I never gave up with my career in radio. Someone close to me even suggested I move on and prepare for life without radio but I never listened to that. I could have complained about not having a radio job but I continued to work and search for my next job that led to me getting the best radio job I’ve ever had.

When VFX started the job report we made comments about making the change to do something to improve your situation and comments came in about how it’s not that easy. Maybe it’s a bit of a risk but so is anything that’s going to have a reward. Moving to New Mexico, moving to Utah were risks but they paid off. I made the decision and went with it and it paid off.

The question is, what good does complaining really do? Don’t get me wrong we all vent, but I’m talking about the constant perpetuating of negativity. Doesn’t everyone know someone that hates everything? Just recently I put a post on my Facebook page and someone commented complaining about another superhero movie, that they never see. Why does it matter if it’s not something you’re going to take part in? It’s just complaining to complain.

Those people can be so frustrating to deal with. There are some people out there that disguise negativity as advice. You happen to be excited about something but they always have a a cutting comment that disguises it as a bad idea. The truth is those people rely on you to make themselves feel better and don’t want to see you grow and evolve. Why so complainy?

Eliminate the toxicity and negativity from your life. You know what doesn’t solve a problem, complaining about it. Everyone has bills, responsibilities and I know there are tough challenges but the only way to improve your situation is to go after it. Look for a better job, work on your passions, go to school; failure will happen but that’s how you learn and improve. “It’s not that easy!” but that’s how you go about solving it instead of just complaining.