New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel and Property Brothers star Jonathan Scott met on Carpool Karaoke in 2019. Shortly afterwards, they began talking, but Deschanel told Bustle in a recent interview that there was a point in which she thought Scott was ghosting her. As it turned out, he had gone on a trip to the Rocky Mountains and didn’t have service for four days.

“The very first text I sent when I came out of the mountains was a video I recorded to a Canadian country song that she had mentioned to me. She was like, 'Oh, this guy likes me.' And we've literally talked every single day since. It's been the best three years of my life,” Scott said.

Deschanel commented on the decision to go public with their relationship: “Jonathan's from a different world. I kept my cards close to my chest. But everything about him was kind of out there because people know him. I'm like, 'He's so nice, kind, funny and smart, why wouldn't I want to tell everybody?'” she said.

The couple recently filmed an episode for the upcoming season of Carpool Karaoke, nearly three years after they first met.

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