With the news
that the New York Knicks fired president Steve Mills, after already
firing head Coach David Fizdale, one of the biggest laughing stocks
of the NBA continued to be just that. Maybe there’s hope that the
fans’ voices were heard, rumors are Masai Ujiri could be coming to
New York, but would you really hold your breath after all those
promising free agent runs?

It has become
more evident that well run and structured front offices are the key
to building a winning team. Yes the Los Angeles Lakers landed Anthony
Davis, but who would have thought the Los Angeles Clippers and
Brooklyn Nets would have won free agency? What did they have?
Definitely in big cities but built good cultures and direction.
Whereas premiere franchises like the Knicks and Chicago Bulls
continue to be jokes.

In the Eastern
Conference where half of the teams are under 500 these teams continue
to not be able to find their way in to the playoffs to even say
they’re building something. Detroit, awful, Hornets, terrible! The
management is a joke. Lottery pick after lottery pick and they can’t
get out of the basement even in a terrible East.

Both Chicago
and New York have positioned themselves multiple times to make runs
at LeBron, Wade, Bosh, Davis, Durant, Irving and they have come up
with…zilch. Now teams are preparing for a run at Giannis
Antetokounmpo. Anyone really think the Greek Freak will find himself
in Chicago or New York? There’s no way any respectable superstar
would consider either of these teams and their joke management can’t
build a team to even make them look respectable.

For what seems
like forever NBA fans have always laughed at the Kings, Suns,
Timberwolves, but are the Pistons, Knicks and Bulls any better? Teams
like the Jazz, Nuggets and Raptors have found themselves regularly in
the playoffs and even positioned themselves to be championship
threats. Admittedly, as a Bulls fan, they’ve had a couple of runs but
management couldn’t remove their ego and torched those teams that
couldn’t get by LeBron. Failure after failure and Formann and Paxson
are still there despite not deserving the chance.

New York has
at least tried to shake up the management, but there’s one continuous
problem. James Dolan continues to own the Knicks and continues to
make headlines for his boneheaded actions. He’s a black mark on the
league and an embarrassment for one of the premiere franchises. Maybe
New York will luck in to Ujiri and he can right the ship, but
unlikely with Dolan still holding the team.

management, constant tanking, teams that never improve, NBA
Commissioner Adam Silver has a lot of problems to solve. The ratings
are trending down and I don’t think it’s going to improve as long as
terrible owners and terrible management continue to be in charge,
especially some of the premiere franchises.