This story is mortifying “to infinity and beyond!” A Twitter user revealed this week that what she thought was a flirtatious encounter at her gym turned out to be a huge embarrassment that all stemmed from the fact that her would-be paramour thought she looked exactly like Buzz Lightyear. “So today at the gym I thought my trainer was flirting with me when he asked for my number/to take a pic of me,” Emily Baumgartner tweeted on Tuesday. “Turns out he thought I resembled BUZZ LIGHTYEAR and sent me this.” Baumgartner then posted a hilarious pic that shows her face Photoshopped into an image of the Toy Story action figure. Baumgartner tells Mashable she’d been working with the trainer for about a month when the encounter occurred and that her initial reaction was, “Oh wow…I think that’s my best look yet.” Unfortunately for her, plenty of other Twitter users don’t agree. “When u think someone is interested in u but they really just have a Buzz Lightyear fetish,” one user replied, while another wrote, “I mean, at least you’re not Forky.”