LSU quarterback
Joe Burrow has been a lock for the number pick to Cincinnati for
quite some time and continued to prove it time and time again on his
way to an undefeated national championship. From an undrafted free
agent projection at the beginning of the season all the way to a
Heisman season that will be under center day one for the Bengals.

Now the
numbers are obvious for Joe Burrow. Just last night he set the
records for most pass touchdowns in a season, most touchdowns
responsible for in the season, most passing yards in a title game,
most touchdowns responsible for in title game and was a landslide
winner for the Heisman. Look at the highlights of him avoiding
pressure, the deep ball, the athleticism all of the paper things are
there for the greatest college QB season of all time. LSU also beat
seven top 10 teams at the time they played them, including the
preseason top 4.

that’s not just it for why Burrow is the greatest college QB. We’ve
seen the likes of Tim Tebow, Colt Brennan the Hawaii QB Burrow passed
for the most prolific touchdown passing season. Numbers are a big
part of it, but it’s what’s inside of Burrow that makes him the
greatest college quarterback of all time.

Despite facing
the most pressure he has all season, Joe Burrow was never rattled.
They faced their first double digit deficit, but Burrow never pressed
and then blew Clemson out from quarter two on. Burrow threw that last
touchdown pass and then pointed at his finger because he knew his
ring was coming.

Now we have
seen confidence and swag from a former Heisman winner, Baker
Mayfield, but it rubs people the wrong way. You want confidence but
Baker seems to always be running his mouth and gets himself in
trouble. Burrow walks that line much better; he isn’t quiet but no
one would say he’s cocky. That ring finger celebration is what you’re
looking for, he knew he had it and wasn’t going to give it away.

In the pregame
interview process you saw that swag and confidence also. Burrow was
shown a picture of himself as a kid and asked “What does that kid
look like?” Burrow responded “He looks like a national champion.”
Joe has the confidence that will inspire a team and take control of
the huddle. On top of that you see his energy and love for the game
on the field. Joe Burrow is a gamer, that is evident from the
improvement he made it off season but he’s just fun to watch.

Now, maybe the
swag and confidence isn’t your cup of tea but that’s the difference
between Burrow and Mayfield. Both have chips on their shoulders but
Burrow is humble. I dare anyone to watch his Heisman speech where
Burrow talked about everyone; his blockers, coach, the area he came
from, his family, and not want to cheer for him. Burrow held back
tears the entire time because of what it meant to him but made the
moment about everyone that helped him.

Joe Burrow has
all the measurables, put up all the numbers, won the Heisman and is a
national champion, but that’s not just it for him. Burrow has all of
the intangibles you want for a quarterback and that’s why he’s the no
doubt number one NFL pick and the greatest college quarterback of all