Is it possible
for Kyrie Irving to speak to the media without putting his foot in
his mouth? Irving’s most recent foul up is making a likeness to
Martin Luther King Jr. in terms of the criticism he took while he was
out with an injury. That has become a big NBA day and one of the top
stars misspoke to quite a degree due to his own ignorance and ego.

There is no
denying when right Irving is one of the top players in the league,
but how often is he fully healthy? In the eight past seasons Irving
has played in more than 65 regular season games four times. Just past
the halfway point in this season and Kyrie has played in only 15
games and will fall short of 65 once again.

Kyrie Irving
may be the best finisher in league history and there’s no denying his
talent and ability to put the ball in to the hoop, but that doesn’t
translate to a whole lot. Before LeBron James returned to Cleveland
Irving couldn’t get his team in to the playoffs. Then Irving forced
his way out to get his own team in Boston and did…nothing. The
Celtics made it further the year without him then they did with him.

To this point
Irving’s legacy is destroying teams. Kyrie blew up Cleveland, didn’t
accomplish anything with Boston and is well on his way to destroying
the culture the Brooklyn Nets built to make themselves an attractive
free agent location. Irving has already called out his teammates,
naming only a few, and questioning their championship caliber. Sound
familiar to what happened in Boston?

What about
when Kevin Durant gets back? Irving did hit the biggest shot in
Cavaliers history and won a championship with LeBron. There’s no
doubt that a pairing of Irving and Durant should be good enough to
get in to the playoffs and be a threat, but they won’t win. Irving is
a much more efficient player than Russell Westbrook but that pairing
in Oklahoma City didn’t work. Despite having the Golden State
Warriors dynasty down 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals the
Durantula had enough and moved to Oakland.

Durant proved
how good he was with the Warriors but still made the weakest move in
NBA history to join a 73-9 team, and even still he was disgruntled
and happy to bail after injuries brought the dynasty down. Even if
Durant comes back at 85% or better from his injury, he and Irving
will be in the championship conversation but Boston, Philly and the
Bucks will be there if Giannis Antetokounmpo doesn’t bolt. The East
has some parity when the King when to LA. The Nets won’t come out on

issues with media and scrutiny has already been a consistent story
through this season and he will be paired with probably the most
sensitive star besides himself in Durant. If this team has a lull,
when this team doesn’t bring the chip to Brooklyn how will they
handle it? The Warriors were dominating in the playoffs and Durant
was still stooping to low levels with his burner accounts still.
There was of course the blow up with Draymond Green also. How will he
handle Irving’s moodiness and vice versa?

Irving wanted
to be the man and it blew up in his face in Boston. Will he go back
to Robin to Durant’s Batman? Will they be a 1A and 1B because that
didn’t work with Westbrook. In the off season the Nets were the
trendy pick for the 2021 championship, but it won’t happen. The
culture is being ruined, young players will likely want out because
of Irving’s attitude and this pairing of Durant and Irving will have
PLENTY of rocky moments and that’s why the experiment will fail.